How Did 1,390 Conversations on Kindness Happen?


Every year Safe Fleet sponsors a Coloring Contest for students in Canada and the US. Why? Because we believe every conversation on kindness, every small action or step contributes to change in our society.

This year the theme for the contest was ‘Kindness is Cool’. There are countless organizations around the world with the sole purpose of inspiring kindness and many businesses incorporating kindness into their company culture for staff and customers. People are uniting to stop bullying.

This year’s contest started 1,390 conversations about kindness with 5-to-17-year-old students. We received so many creative and carefully colored works of art, especially in the 11+ category, that for the first time we’ve added Honorable Mentions to our list of winners.

2016 ‘Kindness is Cool’ Coloring Contest Winners

Big and Little Buddy.627px

We are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s contest:

5-7 Year Winner:
Sydney Constantine-Cowie, Lake Harriet Community School, Minneapolis, MN

5-7 Year Honorable Mentions:
Jack Wagner William Perrin, St. Edward School, Cynthiana, KY
Verenice Gonzalez-Vences, Beardsley Elementary School, Elkhart, IN

8-10 Year Winner:
Harry Park, Richard Bulpitt Elementary School, Langley, BC

8-10 Year Honorable Mentions:
Layla Macatangay, Mountview Road Elementary School, Morris Plains, NJ
Shayla Hense, Scott M. Ellis Elementary, Greenville, NY

11+ Category Winner:
Ashton Nicole Dove, Livingston Central High, Smithland, KY

11+ Honorable Mentions:
Josey Mae Tolley, Livingston Central High, Smithland, KY
Malisa Lo, Kapolei Middle School, Kapolei, HI
Josie McCormick, Eastwood Elementary School, Elkhart, IN
Janine Hu, École Banting Middle School, Port Moody, BC

There’s prizes for all of the winners and the schools of the winners will receive an award towards the implementation of a kindness or anti-bullying initiative of their choice. Every day is a good day for conversations about kindness and how it empowers everyone.

SF Winners Collage2 900p

See for larger views of winning art.

Changing the World One Student at a Time

So how do we gauge the success of this campaign? By believing that any one of the 1,390 students who participated in the Coloring Contest will be inspired to do an act of kindness, with the positive ripples affecting their circle of friends, their school environment, their family, their own self-respect, and their community.

“If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction.” – Martin Kornfeld

A special thank you to all of the teachers, school bus drivers, counselors, parents, etc. who took the time to offer the coloring sheet to the kids in their care and send in the entries. Many of our staff contacted schools and organizations in their communities and collected entries to submit. Thank you to all.

What action can you take to inspire kindness in others? Modeling kindness, respect, and inclusion is the biggest gift we can offer.

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