Pink Shirt Day 2015: Seon Takes a Stand Against Bullying

In February 2015, the team of Seon, a Safe Fleet brand, took part in the National Pink Shirt Day by wearing bright pink shirts and making donations to support anti-bullying initiatives. For the third year in a row the company’s employees rallied to help empower youth and create welcoming, safe, and respectful school communities.

The tradition to wear this color of blush started after an incident 8 years ago in Nova Scotia. Two teenagers, David Shepherd and Travis Price, and their friends organized a school protest wearing pink in support of a grade nine boy who was bullied (for wearing a pink shirt). Their example was inspiring for the whole nation and started the Pink Shirt Day movement, which grows every day not only in Canada, but around the world.

In North America, nearly one in three school children experience bullying between grade six and ten. Every day 160,000 teens skip school because they are afraid of being intimidated. The problem is so serious and real that it is something everyone needs to be aware of.

Two years ago a terrible incident shocked Seon’s local, Coquitlam community. Fifteen-year old Amanda Todd committed suicide after being severely bullied through the Internet and at school. To attract attention to the problem and to be heard, Amanda posted a YouTube video with the use of flash cards, where she told a story of being abused, harassed, and bullied. The video of this fragile and vulnerable beautiful girl went viral after her death and shocked the public. After the incident, a lot of anti-bullying campaigns were launched. Amanda’s family created “Stay Strong” legacy society ( with the mission to spread awareness of the issue, prevent cyber-harrasment, and provide resources for children’s safety.

After hearing about Amanda’s story and other cases of bullying across Canada and the U.S., Seon decided to support communities in their fight against bullying. The company’s employees understand that while video surveillance equipment installed on buses help prevent and record incidents, they can do more – spread awareness and provide communities with resources.

In August 2014, Seon held a BBQ fundraiser inviting the local Coquitlam community to visit their head office location to purchase lunch in support of anti-bullying awareness. The company raised $2660 from lunch sales and donations from staff and other local companies.  100% of the proceeds went to support the initiatives of CKNW – Pink Shirt Day, an organization in Canada that supports anti-bullying education and campaigns. These programs include Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BCCanadian Red Cross of BCKids Help PhoneKidsafe Project SocietyLeave out Violence Society (LOVE BC), and YWCA Metro Vancouver. After the BBQ, Seon donated $2060 for these anti-bullying campaigns and initiatives. The remaining $600 were donated to the Pink Shirt Day organization.

While wearing pink, Seon’s employees were thinking of everyone who has been a victim of intimidation online or in-person. And for those people support of the society, family, and friends is essential. As a part of the Safe Fleet family, Seon is committed to empowering those who stand up against actions of harassment and abuse, especially at school. That is why the company’s employees took a pledge to help end up bullying.

Seon Pledge

We believe that every small step can help create a safe and respectful environment for all of us. So, join us to stand up against bullying!