What is bullying?

Bullying is a form of repeated abusive or aggressive behavior that is intimidating and hurtful. While it involves a real or perceived power imbalance, bullied victims are teased, harassed, and abused (emotionally, physically, verbally, or cyber).

about bullying2In North America, nearly one in three school children experience bullying between grade six and ten. Every day 160,000 teens skip school because they are afraid of being intimidated. The problem is so serious and real that it is something everyone needs to be aware of.

The victims of bullying often have some characteristics that make them different from the majority. It can be nationality, race, religion, physical disabilities, etc. However, sometimes a tormentor chooses a victim without any apparent characteristics to boost own self-esteem by demeaning and intimidating the other.

Even though the majority of such incidents are reported at schools, bullying can happen everywhere: on playgrounds, in the neighborhoods, and communities. A recent survey done by Seon, a Safe Fleet brand, among school transportation professionals showed that bullying is a growing concern on the school bus. Unfortunately, government organizations, school boards, parents, and students cannot tackle this problem alone: it must be solved only by combined effort with volunteers, associations, groups, law enforcement, and others.

Safe Fleet and its brands invite you to join the movement to end bullying and spread information about this issue within your communities.

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