October 19, 2016 

Local Company Spreads Kindness During National Bullying Prevention Month

Seon, a Safe Fleet Brand, Visits a Local School to Talk About Kindness

COQUITLAM, BC (October 19, 2016) – Safe Fleet’s United Against Bullying (UAB) team and mascot, Buddy the Safety Bear, visited two Grade 5 leadership classes at Richard Bulpitt Elementary School in Langley, BC to introduce their annual anti-bullying Coloring Contest and promote kindness during National Bullying Prevention Month.

The annual contest was started in 2013 by a local Safe Fleet brand, Seon, in an effort to encourage schools and organizations to have conversations with kids about bullying. “This year’s coloring contest theme is “Kindness is Cool” and features Buddy the Bear and his friend Squirrel,“ explains Lori Jetha, Seon Marketing Manager. “We took the Coloring Contest to the students at Richard Bulpitt to create a fun environment while talking about a serious subject.“

The school has a Positive Behaviour Matrix, B.A.R.K.S.Be Respectful, Accountable, Responsible, Kind, and Safe – values that are similar to the UAB vision. UAB is the national social campaign of Safe Fleet, the leading provider of safety solutions for fleet vehicles. They envision a world without bullying – full of kindness, empathy, and safety. The Safe Fleet family of companies helps create safe and respectful environments for children and adults by offering resources, inspiration, and funding to schools and organizations to empower young people and to end bullying.

The contest is open to all school-age children, with one winner from each of three different age groups: 5-7, 8-10, and 11+. There are prizes for each winner: a ‘Kindness is Cool’ medal, a United Against Bullying button, a Build-a-Bear certificate, and a small mascot Buddy, wearing his anti-bullying t-shirt. Each winning student’s school will receive a $500 award to be used for any anti-bullying or kindness project of their choice. Anyone can submit an entry to the contest including school bus drivers, teachers, counsellors, or parents.

"The children we met at Richard Bulpitt were keen to share stories about when they were bullied or saw others being bullied," says Mike Bismeyer, Sales Manager at Seon. "The statistics are sad: one out of every three or four children will be impacted by bullying." Bismeyer shared his own personal bullying experience with the students: "A kid from school stepped up for me and to this day I pack two lunches when traveling somewhere new, because you never know who will need one. That is how you be kind, that's how you be cool. Step up because it does make a difference."

We encourage you to share this Coloring Contest with the kids in your care and have a conversation that could make a difference. By empowering children, they will be the ones to end bullying.

Also a first for the campaign this year, United Against Bullying has partnered with SIT WITH US, a free mobile app launched by a 16 year-old bullied in middle school, to promote kinder and more inclusive school communities. UAB is posting ‘Be Kind’ graphics twice a week throughout October, National Bullying Prevention Month. Both organizations believe that together we can make a difference.

To download the coloring sheet and for more information on the Coloring Contest: www.unitedagainstbullying.net/uab-program/uab-coloring-contest

About Safe Fleet

Headquartered in Belton, MO, Safe Fleet owns a portfolio of brands that provide safety solutions to fleet vehicle manufacturers and operators around the world.  These brands serve five major markets including: emergency services, bus and rail, truck and trailer, utility, and industrial.  With 1,000 employees, the Safe Fleet family of brands operates over 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space and targets markets with increasing demand for operator, passenger, and pedestrian safety. For more information about Safe Fleet please visit www.safefleet.net.      

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For more information about this release please contact:

Teresa Lynne
United Against Bullying Program Coordinator

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