1,390 Winners for the 'Kindness Is Cool' Coloring Contest

Safe Fleet’s national social program, United Against Bullying, is pleased to announce that we have 1,390 winners for this year’s Coloring Contest. That’s how many entries we received from cities around North America. Every child that colored Buddy the Safety Bear and his friend Squirrel thought about (and we hope talked about) this year’s theme, ‘Kindness Is Cool.’

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There are many resources on our web site and the Internet to help teach children about bullying. The statistics make this everyone’s problem: one out of every three or four children will be affected by bullying.

The purpose of the Coloring Contest was to create awareness about kindness and bullying and start conversations on how kindness stops bullying. These conversations were an opportunity for adults to explain to kids what to do if they are bullied or see someone being bullied. It was an opportunity to let them know that telling an adult they trust is not tattling but will empower them, that they have a choice how they respond, and to role play different responses. It was a chance to let kids know that if they are made fun of that it is not a truth about them, it’s actually a statement about the bully. Once a child understands that a bully is someone who is hurting, they can empathize and respond with kindness. We’re excited that these 1,390 possible conversations on kindness happened because so many adults introduced our Coloring Contest to the kids in their care.   

The 'Kindness Is Cool' Coloring Contest Winners

Congratulations to all of the winners! This year there were so many well-colored entries, especially in the 11+ category, that it was impossible to choose a single winner. So for the first time we have chosen Honorable Mentions in each category:

5-7 year category
Sydney Constantine-Cowie, Lake Harriet Community School, Minneapolis, MN
Honorable Mentions: Jack Wagner William Perrin, St. Edward School, KY and Verenice Gonzalez-Vences, Beardsley Elementary School, Elkhart, IN

8-10 year category
Harry Park, Richard Bulpitt Elementary School, Langley, BC
Honorable Mentions: Layla Macatangay, Mountview Road Elementary School, NJ and Shayla Hense, Scott M. Ellis, Greenville, NY

11+ category
Ashton Nicole Dove, Livingston Central High School, KY
Honorable Mentions: Josey Mae Tolley, Livingston Central High, Smithland, KY; Malisa Lo, Kapolei Middle School, Kapolei, HI; Josie McCormick, Eastwood Elementary, Elkhart, IN; and Janine Hu, École Banting Middle School, Port Moody, BC

The winners will receive a ‘Kindness Is Cool’ medal, certificate, anti-bullying button and a Build-a-Bear gift card. Each winner’s school will receive a $500 check to be used for any anti-bullying or kindness initiative they choose. Those students selected as Honorable Mentions will receive a ‘Kindness Is Cool’ medal, certificate, and button.

“No act of kindness is ever wasted.” – Aesop

Thank you to all of the adults who took the time to introduce the contest to their students or children and for submitting the entries to us. The participation strengthens the classroom, the playground, the school bus, the family, and the larger community – with the message of kindness. United we will stop bullying and create a kind, empathetic, and safe world.


2017 Runner ups of the I HEART Kindness Contests

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We are grateful for so many organizations working towards ending bullying and inspiring kindness, resiliency, and positive change. In 2018 we will include more of their Tools and Resources on an ongoing-basis: Resources

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